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Nikesha Ali can be described as an all-round entrepreneur in the entertainment and carnival industry having dabbled in both for the last 18 years.  At just 33 years of age, she attributed her network in the entertainment and event industry to being a keen observer and always keeping a radiant smile on her face.

Her business Ladybug Concepts has allowed her to travel worldwide with and on behalf of her clients and she combines it with her love for carnival by providing concierge and administrative services worldwide.

As such, some of her work is displayed via her social media page but more importantly on the pages of her a-list clientele.


Nikesha Ali

CEO, Ladybug Concepts



We are proud of the partnerships we’ve built with our clients. We have built solid relationships and have been able to see the fruits of our labor through the changes brought by coaching in marketing or our management. We have extensive experience working with both large and smaller companies, in both the public and private sectors.

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